New clonecd?



i copied this exe over old one and blamo

Ok i now read the thread

so this looks to be a test patch?

For lite-ons and Reading of New Secure Rom?


yes it is from that thread…
someone had problems with copying securom. Olli asked him some question and made a new beta-version for him to try


it was me and it dont work :frowning:


LOL NBR… maybe Olli will go on with 4.1 next :slight_smile:


I sure tha hell hope he does!!! LOL

the funny thing is that it has to be clone cd’s fault and the way it interacts with my lite-on 24102b drive, because like i said before it works with CD MATE on tha first try no problem :slight_smile:


Clone cd is diffently having problems with liteon drives and side band, Blind read worked flawlessly so it looks like its a clone cd software problem.


So, it is the read problem if I’m not mistaking…
Also hope in CCD 4.1 will contains some new read modes :smiley:
Like read data as audio… etc… :wink:


Like read data as audio… etc…

It’s had this feature for quite a while: FES with error correction set to None.