New CloneCD with 'Amplify Weak Sectors' option

I just posted the article New CloneCD with ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ option.

Funny thing, we just updated with a new Plextor firmware and wh00p there is a new CloneCD version. Don’t know if it has something to do with eachother, but you never know with these…

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What’s the deal with this not available in the US bullshit. Somebody crack that, chop chop.

Here’s a reaction on the weak sector amplifier-thingy of a member at Clone Clinic: “YESSS!!! Personally tested! SD2 backups made with writers that doesn’t support “correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” now works!!! Tested with plextor PX-W1210A and Lite-on LTR-16101B. Backup works!! Game tested: Max payne. What this means? Most writers will now make working SD2 backups and not only those that supports “Correct encoding of regular bit patterns”. Unlucky you if you live in USA or GB where the program would have been illegal if these options was enabled. Don’t blame elby/Olli he has to make the program this way to fit the laws for those countries.” I hope someone else will test it too so we can know for sure! :slight_smile:

How the hell does he know I’m in America? My system language is Czech, my timezone is in Jerusalem?!?!

I beat it!! Simple. Change all your system setting to a different country. I changed my Time zone to -7GMT (Mexico) Changed my keyboard layout to spanish (mexico) and My system location to Spanish (Mexico) Installed and it put the feature in. Put my settings back to normal and rebooted. It still works! Huzzah!

Where to get this latest version there is only the version

OLLI posted on the Clinic board that the only thing you have to do is change the Region settings in the control panel to read something different then USA or UK.

sweet, Olli has done it again, and to think some people diss his product. Anyone encounter that part where a app knows it is a CD-R taht this version can stop?

I just want to know if the plextor firmware update is worth getting, considering the fact that the new version of clonecd now burns perfect sd2 copies…?

as the olde saying goes if it aint broke don’t try and fix it. Listen too some good advice. :8

Where is the ‘amplify weak sectors’ option supposed to be?

Does the hide CD-R media thingy fix the ATIP protecttion - where it checks if the cd is pressed or burned. This would be very handy cos I’m just after buying Fifa 2002 today. Oh also, will it affect the way my Plex 24X can make perfect copies of SD2 cos I don’t really need the weak sectors thingy then.

this is how to get sd2 copying to work for all writers if you are in great britain or u.s.a!:slight_smile: run regedit - do a search for ‘AmplifyWeak’, double click when it’s been found and enable by entering 1 instead of 0. AmplifyWeak appears twice in the registry. Make sure you enable both. :7 ENJOY

I am running WindowsXP, and I could only find once instance of amplifyweak :frowning: when I go to write a cd, the option is greyed out. I have a Plextor 1210232s Help please :8

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareElaborate BytesCloneCDSettings Using regedit…there’s the Amplify Weak Setting…hope it helps!

I already tried that but it is still greyed out with a tick in the box. :frowning: You cannot tick or untick the box :c

Same problem. Only found one instance of it and I changed it to a 1 and the box was still grayed out. On Win2k server. Anyone else got any other ideas?

Where is the link ?

>run regedit - do a search for ‘AmplifyWeak’, double click when it’s been found and enable by entering 1 instead of 0. This setting resets if you reboot, changes settings…etc.

I just tested region settings it works, under win2k control panel/regional options first tab choose english canada last tab input locales choose canada english again, it then lets you check or uncheck the option.