New "Cin Ex HD Database files



Today “DVD RANGER” have added the databases for the blockbusters:

[li]Inside Llewyn Davis , US, English track only[/li][li]Bad Teacher (Unrated), US, English track only[/li][li]Hysteria, US, English track only[/li][li]The Gatekeepers, US, Hebrew track only[/li][li]Drive, US, English track only[/li][li]Bucky Larson, US, English track only[/li][li]The Armstrong Lie, US, English track only[/li][li]A Separation, US, Persian/Arabic track only[/li][/ul]



And the Cinavia cr*p infected list quickly shortens…:clap::bow:


Now with CinEx HD SoundTouch and CinEX HD SDK being offered its being attacked in
multi fronts


NEWS : A Million Ways to Die in the West, US, English track only
was just added to the data base just minutes ago


We have now crossed out 126 of the Cinavia infected titles


[QUOTE=DVDRangerForum;2738526]We have now crossed out 126 of the Cinavia infected titles[/QUOTE]

How many left???:slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure Verance is getting nervous…:iagree::iagree: