New CD's not available for the public!

I just posted the article New CD’s not available for the public !.

Submitted by: Pirattaé±a

Hi have send an e-mail to the
philips/sony leader and this was his answer about the new cd’s:

Sorry, but new cd’s will…

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here

Don’t worry it musn’t be for understanding, maybe it’s in code

I hope they change mind!

It refers to this Article:

what is this…
this Mark should go back
to school, his english is

… or is it fake? …

I quess now the only thing that we have to do is wait for some company to sell those cd’s to the other people. ; )

I don’t suppose Mark Cratton to be real…

"what is this…
this Mark should go back
to school, his english is

… or is it fake? …"

Keep in mind that not everyone in the world goes to school in english. Your comment just shows us how narrow minded you are. You should appreciate the fact that he took the time to answer and in a language that you can understand.

Correction…don’t install MICROSOFT beta software…geeze these guys release the worst garbage i have ever seen in my entire life. (eg: Windows Media Player 7) It’s quite the coincidence that both this Mark Cratton and the person who sent the email have the same problems with english. Can we say fake?

Let this be a lesson and ALWAYS put your mail store on a different partition
It’s really easy to change the location so do it and never lose anything

Well this is not releavant to the issue at hand, but I thought I would just say I managed to get Windows ME working with my ASUS motherboard!! The prob was that my Windows98 I was trying to upgrade was knackered from when I installed a beta release of Explorer 5.5. A clean install from dos after removing the offending windows dir solved my prob, it was a hard lesson to learn as I have to install all my progs again, and have lost all e-mail! Let this be a lesson to 1 and all, dont install beta software unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!