NEW CDRWIN3.9 now avable

yup you can get it at there website look’s like golden hawk is alive and kiking well cdrwin 5 can kiss my ass!

mabee this is a way to fight the cdrwin 5 crap and going back to 3.9a is for future plan’s 3.9c to 3.9e to 3.9f to 3.9g ect golden hawk updated 3.8g and 4.0a a few times but kept the same vertion number, but different date’s this seams to be changing mabee golden hawk is legitimetly coming back!!! i’am shure they had meny emails since cdrcrap 5 came into the picture, hopfully people that couldent use cdrwin before can use it now, whith the new vertion i herd that a whole new wack of new burners are now supported i noticed that when you install the new cdrwin you can now choose your language and when you lanch the program it now says copy right 2002 golden hawk not 2001 am happy whith this vertion even if not much has changed it’s great progres concidering they alegidly sold the programe and stopped development.cdrwin dosen’t really need much it’s rock solid bug free never burned a coaster no other soft like it.

mabee they will update the site soon since it just came out yesterday and have more info, i wonder what crap4you thingks of this one the distributers of cdrwin 5.

i wen’t to the site and it has bin updated whith hole bunch of burner’s.