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A new CDRWin has been released

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It can be downloaded from here, because the official page hasn’t changed (at the moment of typing).Source: CDRInfo

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What´s so new about Version 3.8g? I just downloaded Ver. 5.0 of CDRWin… :wink: CU


A Little article floating around about Cdrwin 5! The whole CDRwin story since the birth of this “famous” program is very funny indeed! Mr. Jeff Arnold, a regular Unix/linux forums community developer/visitor decided at some time to make some $$$ out of Windows users and introduced its beauty, CDRwin. The program was a smash hit because the burning engine was extremely stable, in contrast with the “opposition” of that time (EZCD Annihilator). No wonder how mr. Arnold managed it so well, in fact he just STOLE the whole sourcecode Joerg Schilling wrote for cdrecord. The whole mikisofs/cdrecord/cdrtools project is open source of course, but it is NOT meant to be modified and used in a COMMERCIAL program under any circumstances! Mr. Arnold actually NEVER managed to put real RAW capabilities in his program, RAW images could be burned by just a bunch of recorders, while most would fail- and his so called RAW mode within CDRWin is a FAKE! So when things went tough and he had to introduce REAL RAW abilities in his proggy (you know how the open market rules are alike… meet the competition, and make profits- or die!), he adopted the Padus device interface and a good part of its burning engine… His company was in close ties with Padus, and now I guess the best part of his income goes there too. The new CDRWin version is: 1. A lame Daemon Tools variant, obviously also licenced by Padus (or he just stole the Daemon code as well?- who knows…). 2. The worst cover editor money can buy- dissatisfaction guaranteed. 3. A new GUI to replace the old ultra-simplistic one… that is not bad in itself, what’s bad is that the new one sux bigtime and is way worse than the old one of the 3.X and 4.X versions. 4. Mr. Arnold has no real idea how the Padus engine works (why should he, anyway…), and so MOST advanced features of CDRwin 3.X and 4.X are GONE! Now if you insist trying this proggy do it, but you have been WARNED!"


I have often see mentioned that Jeff Arnold (CDRWIN creator) was a cracker and he had no real programming skills. That article posted by PerTang makes this rumour sound true. I don’t know how cd record works, but I guess there will be significant similarities between cd record and CDRWIN… I also remember when many sites made announcements that Jeff Arnold would make his own ASPI drivers, and now you see that they are actually licensed from NexiTech… This is so ugly, crackers or pirates who want to become legitimate… such people usually don’t have any principles.


Moreno, you can see that they have no principles by the way the blacklist works. Instead of just telling that the key is incorrect or illegal, CDRwin just burns coasters after some time. I just hate this and don’t use CDRwin anymore. Nero, CloneCD and Fireburner work very well for me. That’s also why I paid for them, they pay themselves back.


Hey, 90% of cdrwin users used it to burn those cue-bin files, and you can do this for free with cdrdao, which is also based on cdrecord code. :7


Cdr-win doesnt even detect my burner, i got a cheap Hi-VAL burner it writes in raw dao and clone cd supports it so all’s good :4


Hey maybe he stole the name too!!! CDRecord… CDR(ecord)Win :4


Also, for those of you that don’t know already, the latest version of Nero supports burning BIN/CUE images.


nero was the software i got with my cdburner. it’s the only legal software than i have and is also the best cdr software i’ve ever used.


It now supports Aopen CRW2440


I used to use CDR win until it began making Christmas ornaments out of my CDR’s. I would never use any version of this program again unless Jeff gave up his software career and moved on to making cartoons.


I mailed Jeff about 100 CDR’s that were COASTERS and told him they were blanks… Have fun burning them…!


Go use Nero folks it burns all your bin/cue’s just as nice as CDRWin and much more, I always use, still have the latest CDRWin however for burning MP3/Cue (not supported by Nero, YET :8 ) Anyways Nero rox my home, use it!!!


Nero will not burn mixed-mode bin/cue files (a must for playstation game burners), but hey, thats what CDRDAO is for, I use it all the time, along with XDuplicator as its frontend!


Any ideas why I am burning around 24x in the demo mode of 4.0a? I am running the LiteOn 24x10x40x and it says it will block me from using anything but 1x, but aparrently it’s not, because I know that it didn’t take 70 minutes to burn that last CD! I am not using any cracks. Any ideas?


I think because the LiteOn can only burn at minimum 8x or something, so CDRWin cannot force a 1x speed.


@PerTang, Moreno and all others. JeffreyBoy has nothing to do with “CDRWIN” 5.0. Just stick with v3.8x or v4.0x and be happy. BTW the RAW mode within the real CDRWin works. Good enough to copy all SD2-games (with the help of Betablocker). For historical information just do a search at And for all sitll burning coasters: Your fault, you should have used my crack pack instead (working since years) :smiley:


I found this post to be interesting reading :wink: BTW do a search for cdrwin and Jeff Arnold @ it seems a lot of people don’t like Jeff :stuck_out_tongue: Also thanks to PerTang for his post…


How to burn Cd,s which are audio cd,s, but when you try to burn them there are no wav. files. You can burn the data files and they only can be played on the pc with a streaming inside player. On a common Cd player in stereorack it does not play! Clone cd have I tried and you get cda. files which can not be converted to wav. files. There are no copy protections with a copyprotection prog scanned. What is this for NEW copy PROTECTION SYSTEM??? Like to know how to burn them to wav. files, and how to do so. Please help me out. These files are on the CD total 47 MB space. autorun.inf cactuspj.exe data16.bml pjstream.dll yucca.cds so no wav. files are there and no mp3 files Strange, who knows the answer please inform me Thanx in advance, joe.