New CDRWin not before July



I just posted the article New CDRWin not before July….

We’ve contacted Goldenhawk as they seem to be a little impressed by the recent releases of CloneCD and Nero what their future plans are with CDRWin:

We just released version 3.8A in April… a…

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Hmmm… I think that their ‘RAW’ is a little differant 2 evey 1 elses… My RICOH quite happily writes ‘RAW’ with CDRWin, but CloneCD tells me, in fairly nice words, 2 piss off…


wie gebruikt er tegenwoordig nou nog cdrwin???
clonecd rulez


Nou, mensen waarvan de (goede) Yamaha Brander bijvoorbeeld niet door die (***) CloneCd worden ondersteund…


I still use CD-R Win to copy Twilight’s, and I think it is a great program. CloneCD is nice to copy games, but CD-R Win still can do the trick!!


I own a plextor PX-W124ts and
it works fine with clonecd.
With CdrWin if i enable raw writing i only obtain a BLANK disk !!! The same thing is for a frind of mine wit an older 8-20 . And so on with other Plextor Drive.
So I think it’s not a really 99% but much more LESS !!!


My HP9310i works flawlessly with CloneCD, yet, CDRWIN refuses to believe that it can write raw. So, maybe that is a recorder that should be “supported.”


My HP9310i works flawlessly with CloneCD, yet, CDRWIN refuses to believe that it can write raw. So, maybe that is a recorder that should be “supported.”


Sorry about the dupe post. Won’t happen again!


I have a bin file that i want to write and it also always gives me a blank cd after burning. I use a plextor 8/20
Can anyone tell me the settings in cdrwin or another program that writes bin files


I would like to react on Dr Fred. If CDRWIN produces coasters (blank discs) it’s probebly caused by a bad key or keygenerator. You should try to use a new keygenerator.

BTW. I think the only program that really writes in RAW mode is CloneCD. No question about that Maybe it will some day have competitors like BlinWrite (and maybe CDRWIN) but untill that day CloneCD rules!

BTW is there still now key for version

Gr33ts, g@m3fr3@k


fatattack, use Fireburner!

If you are Dutch donwload it from my site


cdr-win is and wil be the best
program for psx.


if damn Yamaha *ssholes now also make a new firmware for teh burners to make RAW support, but no!
I sell mine and go buy a other burner, i NEVER buy a yahama again!


to Gamefreak_cd_copy message:

No It is not for bad key.
First of all i Personally cracked CdrWin and also give it to a friend of mine.
Up to last week me made ( all together ) more than 150 burns.
So perfect crak and not bad key!!! ))
Also i tried to burn same image same Cdrwin onto a Philips cdd3610 and it worked Perfectly.
So I can say that the problem of blank disk really come from CdrWin ( I saw up a message … same thing blank disk ).


CDRWin just rulez…


Andretti m8 your off youe head.
Clone cd takes a dump from great height all over cdr-win.
I mean come on, it does all copy protected cd’s without one off those shitty crackin adverts poopoing up when u play. Keep up the good work olli man!


Does anyone know how to copy Carin navigation system CD-rom’s? I’ve tried CloneCD, but the system will fall out after a few minutes.


Carin navigatie
Burn on 1 speed only
Use good cdr’s example Philips premian can be used
Use cdrwin 3.8a


I have Plextor 124ts and have tryed to write in raw mode with cdrwin 3.7a and it just stops 12% through the burning Process ??? Works fine when not enabled. Clone and win on cd rule