I going to buy a new CDRW tomorrow. I’m looking for one that can handle it all, (all the copy protections). I think I understand what to look for as far as burning copy protected but I can’t find much info on cdrw’s that can read subchannels. I guess my questions is what cdrw will read subchannels ( or what ever it is it needs to read to copy copy-protected games) I’m looking at the Ricoh 9120a ( ) or the 12x plextor and a seperate reader. and I’m looking for IDE



As far as i know both Plextor and Ricoh use sanyo chipsets.

With those 2 burners u will be able to get past all protections, but SafeDisk2 discs (most new games) will only be able to be read in the Burner.

If u want something to get past Every protection, get an acer or philips. there chipsets are not vulnerable to safedisk2.



Please use the search function, practically the same question has been asked earlier this week (and partially answered already):

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