New CDRW/DVDRW in Old Laptop?

I need some help. The old cdrw drive in my A22p Thinkpad-uuu has died. Instead of replacing it with another cdrw, I would like to upgrade to a dvdrw drive, if there’s one compatible with my machine. There aren’t a lot of slimline dvdrw drives available, but it seems like many people seem to recommend the NEC 6750a or NEC 6650 .

I don’t know much about these drives. Are either of these compatible out of the box with my a22p thinkpad, or would I need to purchase an adapter to use them, or am I stuck with an external dvdrw drive?


The drives have different sizes. Also note that the bezels might have different looks.
If the size fits you can perfectly upgrade it to a DVD-RW drive. All slimline IDE drives work the same way. You would only need an adapter if you would want to use a slim IDE drive in your machine.

Hi kg_evilboy. Thanks for the prompt response. I have a couple more questions.

The drives have different sizes. Also note that the bezels might have different looks.

I couldn’t locate the dimensions for the Sony CRX700E Slimline CDRW that came pre-installed on my Thinkpad, but do you mean that it may not fit into the slot in my laptop? I just assumed that the NEC 6750A would have the same dimensions as the Sony CRX700E slimline cdrw that came pre-installed on my laptop. I’m not too concerned about how the NEC 6750a looks in my Thinkpad, as long as it works.

I’m more concerned about why the back of the drive on my thinkpad’s Sony CRX700E doesn’t match the back of the NEC 6750a. I’m afraid that since the NEC6750A has a different-shaped “plug” on the back that it won’t plug into my laptop’s “socket” when inserted.

But then, I searched for an OEM Sony CRX700E drive by itself (not as it came pre-installed on my laptop), and I found that the back of the Sony CRX700E looks like this , which looks like the back of the NEC 6750A. Now, I’m confused. Is the NEC 6750A compatible with my Thinkpad as is? Do I need an adapter, or do I just need to remove the black plastic casing (is it called a “bezel”?) from the Sony CRX700E and screw it around the NEC 6750A?

I’m sorry if these are all newbie questions, but I guess everyone has to start from somewhere. I’m willing to learn though. Thank you for your patience and expertise.


If your ThinkPad has a non-standard connector, you’re SOL. :frowning:

After I saw that the Sony CRX700E that came preinstalled on my Thinkpad did not have the had the same plug as the OEM Sony CRX700E , I decided to try to remove the black plastic casing with a screwdriver. With the black plastic casing removed, the rear of the bare Sony CRX700E looked like NEC 6750A! Any case, I screwed the black plastic casing on the NEC 6750A and inserted into the empty slot in my Thinkpad. It was a tight fit, but it worked. I rebooted my Thinkpad, and the Windows XP found the necessary driver. I didn’t have to do anything else. All I have to do now is test to see if it can read and write cds and dvds.

Thanks for your help! If I hadn’t been forced to look for hyperlinks to the OEM Sony CRX700E, I would have never guessed to remove the black plastic casing surrounding the cdrw drive that came preinstalled on my Thinkpad.

Now, I need to find software to use with my DVD player. I take a minimalist approach when it comes to software on my computer. I don’t like cluttering my computer by installing, testing, and uninstalling a lot of trial software. I’d like to know exactly what I’m getting before I decide to install something on my machine. I also don’t necessarily want bloated software that consumes a lot of resources, has a large footprint, and has more features than I’ll ever need. (This is what’s turning me off of Roxio and Nero at the moment, although I’ll purchase copies of both if I can’t find a suitable alternative.) Here’s what I’m thinking:

CD and DVD Playback: VLC Media Player
CD Burning: Built-In Windows XP burner
DVD Burning: Imgburn (?)

I know, there are better alternatives to using Windows XP’s built-in cd burner, but then I’d have to install ANOTHER program on my laptop.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the NEC 6750A primarily to read media files and back up data files. I might never get as far as backing up actual movies. I know that Imgburn only burns image files, but from what I’m reading in other forums: (1) Imgburn is a very small and stable program, not bloated and (2) The creator of Imgburn says that he’s currently working on adding a feature that will allow users to package data files/music files/photos into an ISO that Imgburn can read.

As for VLC media player, users seem to like it for streaming media and for its ability to play everything. I’m not quite sure how it performs as a primary DVD software player though. I also considered BSplayer until I read that the free version is now bundled with WhenU adware.

What do you think about my softwrae choices for playing media files and burning data files? Are there any other non-bloated programs I should consider?

Thanks again,