New CDRW Burner For Me

I have finally decided to get a new burner and need to make the right choice. Before anyone says “use the search engine” I have. The problem is that there is so much stuff around it all becomes rather confusing.

As always I want a drive that can copy the lastest protection. I think I have narrowed it down to the Asus-525224 (CDRW-5224A) or the LiteOn-525232 (LTR-52327S) and not the plextor premium because I can’t afford it.

So do either of these two NOT copy the lastest protections, SecuROM 4.8+ or SafeDisc 2.9+. If they both do is there anything else that I need to consider.

Many thanks for sorting this one out for me.

They are both capable of the latest copy protections. However they both have advantages over the other. AFAIK the Asus is the better sub-reader, whereas you have the possibility of 32x burning (when the right media comes out) on the LiteON.

Personally I would go with the LiteON as (AFAIK) people have had trouble with the Asus.

Unless anyone disagrees with you that is all I needed.

Many thanks.

On a side note do you know what problem the Asus have been having?

I’d suggest going with the Lite-On. You might want to read this thread about the Lite-On and copy protections.

I have heard that Lite-On drives have higher quality recordings than ASUS drives. My Lite-Ons (including my 52327S) have very high recording quality, but I’ve never used an ASUS.

Thanks for the info. I was going to originally get the Asus but now I am glad I asked to make sure.

You’re welcome; I hope I was able to help. :slight_smile:

FutureProof is a big fan of the ASUS which must be a vote in its favour. As far as I can remember the only problem with the ASUS is that it cannot install a TwinPeak backup of a SecuROM game. However, as long as you have another DVD that can, this should not be an issue for you.

Having said that, I’m still a big fan of the Lite-On drives, but would go for the LTD-52246S as there is a question mark over the burn quality of the 7S drive. I’m pretty sure there is a forum thread that discusses this in some detail.

Orinoco: I don’t think there’s any “question mark over the burn quality” of the 7S drive. I personally own one, and the recording quality is very good.

Check out the results in the LTR-52327S review at CDRLabs’; there are some C1/C2 results near the end of the page. The results shown there are very good, too, even though the drive in the review was using firmware QS04. I’ve heard, QS09 and QS0A offer much better recording quality, but I’ve never actually tested QS04 myself.

This was the other question that I going to ask when I settled on the drive which has now come up.

Is there a specific firmware version to go for?

Read this thread for more information on the firmware for this drive.

Edit You’ll probably want to use either QS09 or QS0A. The thread mentioned above should help you to determine which one to use.

Thanks for all of the info. I have now made the decision to get the Lite-On drive.

Thanks to all for clearing up the confusion I was suffering from.

You’re welcome; enjoy your new drive! :smiley: