I think my Toshiba 6602b is going to break because I hear it spinning up and down and repeating that a little bit. It also is jamming on playing quictime movies I have burned to cd

I bought it because of its great reading with clonecd back in its day … so I was wondering what are the best cdroms available, preferbly one that does well in clonecd and if it does well in other areas that would be great also

Or would it be best just to get a DVD Drive with the prices today and since I dont own one as it is … if so, which one

i would get a dvd rom
the liteon ltd 163 is highly reccomended

How does it rip music and how is it in Clonecd for reading

its great for everything
you can read a review here

The review does not go into specifics

Does the drive read Audio protections

Does the drive read Game protection

Does the drive read or ignore the ATIP :cool:


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[B] :cool:

We are talking about the DVDrom

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How does it rip music and how is it in Clonecd for reading

It is a great audioripper:great reading speed,great quality rips but a NO-GO for protected audio…I couldn’t rip seperate tracks with EAC or Feurio,CDex or Steinberg Wavelab…AFAIK,I was only able to copy the full CactusData Shield200 cd with CloneCd 4 and the latest firmware,but no Key2Audio…
On the other hand,it reads every game protection flawlessly…:slight_smile: