New cdrom, why cant it read audio when i try to rip



when i try to rip an audio cd into mp3 i get errors on different tracks everytime. It usually causes a freeze and i have to restart my computer. Its a 40 x so speed is not a problem. My software is AudioCatalyst.

Any and all advice appreciated

Thanks Ted


Hi Ted,

I had a similar problem like that a couple
of months ago.

I have an Asus CD-S340 cd-reader and a
Teac CD-R 55S writer. I also used audiocata-
lyst. When I inserted an audiocd in my
reader and tried to grab tracks I got a
SCSI error.

I solved it like this:

  1. select settings.
  2. select the drive from which you want
    to extract and insert the cd in that drive.

Now all the settings should be okay but in
my case it was NOT !

I don’t know what I changed anymore but I
will check it at home and mail you again

Please mail me at
if you want me to mail it to you.


Tha Sentinel