New CDR Software download site!



I’ve got a new software-site running at
Updated almost everyday.



Nice site ; thanks man…


It’s updated almost daily…


But U already knew that… :slight_smile:


Yeah, nice site





I really enjoyed you site!!
I think you’re better then because they haven’t got the crack for cdrwin 3.8(beta) but you already have it.
i’ll click your banner cause i don’t wanna lose this great site!!

GreetZZ FlarEMan
(KGS-crew Member)


A great site better than CDR SOFT me thinks, i’ll also click your banner to support you for such a great site.

Ch5 Micky


Good site !!! lots of software. GOOD LUCK with it.


Thanx a lot for your comments on my site. But if anyone has some negative comments, they’re welcome as well, sice I want to improve my site to keep everybody happy…


INCREDIBLE SITE!! Its one of the best
sites that I’ve seen. Click on the banner
to help you out =) Oh and is “Power-Rip”
as good as “DeCSS”? Well your site is
extremely good, keep up the good work =)



Nope. DeCSS is much better, it is capable of decrypting the DVD code and save it as DVD code, Power-Rip only captures the DVD stream into AVI…


Do you have any idea where i could
get DeCSS? I know you took it off your
site because of the contravercy =( But
is it really worth ripping DVD’s since
like the quality drops way down?


A negative comment:

Not all the frames set the backgroundcolor.
If the default color is not set to white this really looks bad.



Linking to DeCSS is illegal, so there are not many sites that have it.
Mail me for some more info…