New CDIO old CloneCD



I’m not really sure if this post is in the correct forum as it really is about the new ElbyCDIO which is present in many products. As it is an Elby product and so is CloneDVD I thought here would be the best place. If I’m wrong I’m sure a moderator can move it…

I am a long time user of CloneCD, but have never updated beyond Version I’ve never bothered to upgrade as I’ve always been able to get what I want done with the older version, in conjunction with TwinPeaks or FireBurner of course.

I have also purchased both AnyDVD and CloneDVD and kept these up to date. So my question; is the latest EblyCDIO backwardly compatable with CloneCD versions as old as version If not, is there a workaround for running 2 different versions on the same PC? [spec in signature]


Why wouldn’t you update and test?


Sorry folks, been meaning to update this thread for a while and never did.

Yes the new ElbyCDIO is backwardly compatable with the older versions of CloneCD. I’ve updated and tested with my ancient version of CloneCD.

How could I ever doubted the fact…?