New Cdfreaks



Hello everybody,

Here is the new look for cdfreaks…

See you.


lookes good to me…nice job duke.


Looks great!




nobody was supposed to know this
we’re not perfectly happy with it… therefore we’re not using it yet (graphics are a bit dull… i suck at doing gfx … so zise is working on some new stuff)

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Wow, with this new outfit cdfreaks will rock.
It now rocks to, but then much more.
I would say duke, go for it, BTW with wich prog you made that page.

Jus beautiful, i love it




The New cd freaks look, really looks great, you should keep it duke!!

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I like it good work guys… But the only thing I dislike is the news archive. it is better if you show the whole text and not to click at the articels because if you show it all you can see better if there is an new one!!!



quick access to the dutch forum would be nice, but what can i say, i wish i could make a site like that.

great job.



i made the site with Homesite (…

the gfx are ok i guess, but zise thinks he can improve them so we’re waiting for that…

you can view the news as full news by clicking on the “Click here to view postings as full news” link…
you can also bookmark that page to access it immediately…

on the left there is an iso tracker which lists the latests iso’s that appear on isonews (in the games section)…
auto updated with a perl script…

i could place quick links on the left to the different forums… we’ve got plently of place there…

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Looks good, keep up the good work guys.



I think you did a great job on it.


Nice work duke but the isonews is always very late with providing us the latest *.nfo files.

why not try :

they are much faster…



I’m sorry…
But the URL was an old one, I clicked him in my bookmarks accidential and what did I see…the new look for Cdfreaks.
I guess I did the right thing to put the URL on your site, because the visitors could have some good ideas how to improve somthing that you may haved overlooked…

again SORRY …



doesn’t matter hansje…
indeed visitors could give me some new ideas with this message (i’m just glad nobody said my layout was ugly )…

gangsta: i know isonews is a bit slow, but since the tracker is updated only once in an hour (with a perl script that a friend of mine wrote), i think it doesn’t matter that much… cdfreaks isn’t really iso related anyway… i just thought it was a neat feature…