I think the site is slow and I’m not a fan of the new layout/colors

but I love the content!

Hi fisch79 and Welcome to CDF. The site is not usually this slow, there are changes being made that is causing this. As for being a fan of the colors, we apreciate your opinion. The content will only get better and better as we have the best members and staff in the business. If we can be of any help please do not hesitate to post.

Yes like Alan mentioned we are still working on the speed issues… the database needs some tweaking but this is trial & error work. Please note that we are watching the servers almost 24hours a day, so we are certainly doing our best! :slight_smile:

You have to take those coffee breaks too so you can continue watch the servers too. :smiley:

I’m sorry but I consider it a bad design.
The site header takes up the top third of my browser window, the actual information (news) is a tiny centre portion of the window, the rest is fluff.
What’s that voting block on the left all about?
You want to maximise the amount of info on your front page, otherwise users will be put off.

I suspect this has been stated by many in the forums living room :wink:

The colour scheme is the major issue many have with it … ugh.

Can anyone tell me how we can get the news Digest … aka … a list showing the entirety of every article for the last few days?

I try it & get every articles with just the first 7 lines or so … and then these annoying “Read More” buttons".
I’ve already clicked the read more button on the first page!
If I wanted to read just one particular article, I’d have clicked on it seperately in the first page!

Bring back our News Digest! Stick ads between articles, I don’t care … just bring back the digest!

And once you get into the article, opinions is shoved at the bottom of the screen …why? Do your members opinion count so little? Stick everyones opinions ABOVE the “Read related news” & “Visit the forum, yada yada”.