New CD writer. Any suggestions?


Any suggestions for a good new CD writer available today, among the DVD or BR writers, please?
If the writer could do also CD quality scans it would be perfect.

Thanks for any help.

All drive-manufacturer stopped production of CD-RW-drives more than 10 years ago, so you can´t get a new one.

And for quality-scan you have to look for a old drive like Benq DW 1640

Hi Tester, thanks for the reply.
Actually, I meant a new DVD writer which is also a very good CD writer, especially for audio.

Hello Dsp 121,

for burned BluRay Media there are a few new Drives @ the Bay…
Check for the Lite ON IHBS 112.

For burned CD Media and DVD Media as Tester_1 already told you, check for a Lite-On DVD Burner or the great Benq 1640.

Greets Moony

I don´t burn Audio, so I´m not the best contact for details.

I think actual CD/DVD-readers are much less sensitive than the drives 15 years ago, so it should be not a problem to use an actual DVD-RW-drive for CD-R

For scanning CD-R the Benq 1640 is still the best, newer LiteOn DVD-RW-drives (or other newer writers) I can´t recommend in this case. The Benq also supports advanced scanning, it´s an interesting feature

I highly recommend the Pioneer BDR-209. My 209D is a great all-round writer, better for CDs & DVDs than the great BDR-206.

For CDs I would go as far as to say the BDR-209 is as good as the old true Pioneer DVD writers, such as the DVD-216.

As for scanning, recent Pioneer drives can do some scanning (not BD discs), have a look in the 209 & 211 threads on the forum. I haven’t investigated this much, but the CD results look useful.

You might be able to find a new-old-stock Optiarc. Or there are plenty of used Benq rebadges (& Optiarc 7200-7280) on eBay (here in the UK).

Contrary to long-estabished opinion, Mediatek-based DVD writers can be very useful for CD scanning, especially when paired with say an Optiarc, as they report E31 errors (level 1 failures) as C1. This is very useful information to have when assessing degradation or identifying unacceptably poor quality blanks. But a Benq is still the best CD scanner (followed by Plextor).

Thanks all for the replies.

Thanks Ibex. I will look into the 209 model suggestion.