New CD-ROM emulator: FantomCD

I just posted the article New CD-ROM emulator: FantomCD.

An Chen computing brings us another piece of software called Fantom CD. An Chen recently released CDMate, an recording software pre-mastering, back-up, duplication software package.

Fantom CD is…

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I just got this idea… why not copy 6 or so CD-ROM images to a DVD-R. Then you could run them off the DVD with program such as FantomCD.

HeeD, a friend of mine did that with the images to Baldur’s Gate. Everything works wonderfully. If you have a DVD burner this is a great thing you can do

Am I the only one who can’t even get to the page? :frowning:

Works fine here…

Well boys first of all you have to pay, then who can overtake daemon tech… if Ahead like it and aquired is because its the best not the rest… I use it for my company for back ups… Like this i never touch my cd]s and scratch them… Go ahead Daemon… Daemon rulez… And the way thanks for this great piece of software… P.S- i used it for PSX emulator also… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: