New cd protection idea

I just want to know why this wouldn’t work:

What if every pressed cd had the unique cd key on it as the serial number for the pressed cd and when users installed the game, it would just read the serial number of the cd to use as the key and then no one would have to type it in.

If a person made a copy, the serial number of the cd on the copy wouldn’t work to install the game.

So why won’t this idea work?

I think that you can always fake the serial number on the cd. The progran thinks it reads the serial from the cd, but it actually reads a serial from a software program.

Where do you want that key to be stored to prevent duplicating it? I don’t know for CDs, but it’s pretty simple to set a floppy or hard disc to whatever serial number you want…

On pressed CDs, there are no “serial numbers” that cannot be copied. If it was that simple then it would already be used. The CDs Serial (UID) is the same on a copy.

However, the next generation Blu-Ray disc does have a unique serial number on each BRD (Blu-Ray Disc) which cannot be copied supposedly. Naturally there will be a software program which can emulate the code made soon after commercial discs use Blu-Ray.

Still… most games come on CDs despite the fact that DVDs have been around for a long time. It will be a very long time before BRDs are in common use.

It’s like the SafeDisc protection: It checks if the cd is a CDR, but you can prevent that by checking a box in CloneCD! (Hide CDR Media)

a lot of you are telling me it can be bypassed, but everything you say is using software solutions, and anything can be bypassed with software so that isn’t what I’m trying to say.

I was just thinking this idea would make it impossible to make a copy of a cd that would work in other players. If this is true though “On pressed CDs, there are no “serial numbers” that cannot be copied” then it will never work. I was told in the red book standard that there was a serial number that was only read and never written.

isn’t there some copy protection named tages that can’t be copied so far anyway and you always have to have software emulate some special thing or somethin. later

Tagès has a rather weird kind of subchannel protection, but once you’ve understood it, it’s really simple and, if necessary, Olli can add the possibility to make a perfect copy of Tagès with CloneCD. Only a matter of time to implement it.

I think it is quit impossible to press cd’s with different serial numbers on them because then you should have to alter the masterdisc for every copy.
The serials now on cd’s are logarhitmic (i think) so the software can check if the serial is correct.

Hi freaks,
Does somebody know a manufacturer of CDRs with unique serial or ID numbers for each media?