New CD protection feature(please i'm not trying to spam)

Okay people. This is probably going to be a pretty good tool for you guys that I have from anonymous(forgot because i didn’t copy the address down and erased my history) Okay I was surfing Google for some Splinter Cell 2 cheats(PC) and this ad came up(supposedly from Alcohol Software BULL SHIT) If it was from them, they would have announced this. Anyway, it’s a program that can convert CD protection types. Lets say You have starforce 3. Well you can make it Safedisc 1 if you want. It doesn’t have translations for safedisc 3 or above to _________(any other protection). This could be very useful. It has hte whole enchilada. I personally don’t see how this program works but I was able to translate this Starforce 2 into a Safedisc 1(I don’t know why I did that because i can sucessfully burn starforce 2). This would be great. It isn’t bull shi because I have sucessfully done it when i used a-ray to scan it a second time and it changed. I’m sorry I have no access to this website because it was a pop up when i was searching google.
If it is from Alcohol Software, then i’m a complete moron. If they have announced it, i’m a total dooshbag.