New CD Freaks poll

Bad Attitude man. Get a life :slight_smile:

dokke? gehehe :slight_smile:

banned the user cd_freaks_are_idiots… keeps telling in every posting that our site is lame… go visit some other site if you don’t like it here, but please stop being so annoying.

Well, I’m dutch. (That should answer your question.)

Thank you for banning that immature user (cd_freaks_are_idiots) as he could have his own opinion, but the fact that he flames this site and some users in just about every post is asking to be banned. Too bad, as I had a few words for him… As for paying for the site, great site and all, but I would not pay a small fee just to read about news and react to the news and other peoples’ postings. All I can say, is keep up the good work as this is my most frequently visited site.

Not sure, probably not… sorry. :c

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Have you lost your minds?

nope, I dont pay for any other news sites, so why this one?

May this site live long and prosper: But not on the basis of pay for info.

How in the world could you even consider charging us a fee for this site when WE are the ones that submit the news? Not only that but most of it comes from CNN or MSNBC so you have nothing unique to offer. If you guys do decide to try and squeeze some pennies out of us, any of us could whip up a page like this in no time. :wink:

Domino: Where do you think OUR sources get their info? From other sources and so on. And NO, we just don’t get info from YOU (the visitors), we are actuelly making an investigative work here, besides that we analyzes and evaluates many situations and products. So we are kinda specialists in the field. And specialists get Paid. But hey, We didn’t ask for money. We ONLY made a Poll to se the common attitude about Paying in here.

Sorry, I don’t think so.

When u ask your users if they WANT to pay, their not going to say 'Yes Yes Please charge us!! now are they? But on the subject, no i wouldnt pay.Great site, but im a UK user and id just not come here if there was a charge cos of all the hassle there would be trying to bil me.

Zyron, You still don’t offer unique content or a service that justifies paying for it. As for your specialist comment, I don’t think you guys are even close to being considered specialist. Don’t take this in a bad way. If you want to know what a specialist is check out Tomshardware website. That is a specialist and his reviews actually have an impact on the market. He gets paid big bucks and he doesn’t charge his bread and butter.

This is my absolute favorite site, and has been for several months. However, I would not pay for it.

Tomshardware rocks! Get all your hardware reviews there first! This site rocks and Id pay a buck a month for the content! :d

Well, because our site has been considered less serius than Tomshardware doesn’t it mean that we can’t be a specialist in the field. And Thomas Pabst also known as Tom, isn’t specialist either. Iv’e been there when Toms Guide only consisted of few pages, and has followed it ever since. So just because he has a big fancy site and i don’t. doesn’t make him better.

Yeah lot of stuff on tomshardware but the interface of site sucks. CDfreak is a very cool site and good updated stuff about burning and scene related news. Cdfreaks guys are doing a good job to helps us with this site. If they have to pay for that, it’s non-sense! So, we have 2 choices, click sponsor banner or pay for login on the website. I don’t want cdfreaks dead only because of lack of money. :c Id pay 2 to 5 bucks a months for this website. Because if we paid, these guys will be more and more focused to have a even better site because money isn’t a problem anymore. Think of it by “legal stuff downloading content” hosted by cdfreaks… so, sorry of my english, i’m a french speaker

I go to this great site everyday to read about some the updtaed news. But only because it’s free. The news are just right - I think the CD freaks guys are doing a hard work here. I’ve been to Toms hardware guide since it started (they had a great overclocking section back then) and they have never updated their tech section - I mean parts of it is out of date!!

The biggest win of putting up this poll seems to be that we now actually got people to react on the news! 38 reactions till now is the biggest respons ever we got on a newsposting :wink: There is not much fun in posting news when you never get feedback from the visitors :frowning: So maybe this posting is a good step in getting people to react to postings on a more regular basis.