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I just posted the article New CD Freaks poll….

The new poll:

Now all Free Internet Services are disapprearing… are you willing to pay a small fee for the CD Freaks content & additional info’s/articles?

Please vote this poll! You…

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Thats sorry to hear that :c

nope, not a single cent… Internet should be free !!

I also think Internet should be free:4

nope I wouldn’t! but I would miss it:D luckily u ain’t going that direction :slight_smile:

YOU MUST BE FUCKING CRAZY! What do you have to offer besides the news you get from other sites?

Paying? No I don’t like the idea. Maybe only if there is something extra into it. :stuck_out_tongue: Free cd’s or something :4

Like i said before its a bad idea knowledge is for sharing!!

Well, your news and info are indeed great but they are, as somebody already siad, only news gotten from other sites… That doesn’t mean in any way that CD Freaks is useless cuz I have it as my startpage myself! :slight_smile: But, if you would go that direction some day, I would miss you (cuz I wouldn’t be willing to pay for it), but I would surely survive… :wink: OK, enough said! Keep up the good work CD Freaks and I hope for a long “relationship” with you guys! :slight_smile:

to be honest no i wouldnt pay while i think you have a great site i think a subscription would be the death of you maybe more ads for revenue but subscription is dead in the water

no i wouldnt pay internet has to be free,free,FREE:4

No! Why would anyone pay for something that they can get for free elswhere.

Hell no i won’t pay :slight_smile:

no! i would not pay for this page!


No way

Please note: it’s only a poll, we don’t have any plans in that direction
Please keep that in mind :wink:

Gee, hard to imagine that people who think they should be allowed to illegally copy CD’s and pirate software would also think the internet should be free. I wish ISP’s would raise their fees to get rid of some of the traffic we have on there. Most people serve no purpose on there and the internet simply gives people with nothing to say an opportunity to say it to the world…just like this lame website. Internet should only be free to college students to do research. Everyone else should pay…since when did the internet become a right or an entitlement.

by the way how about hqat conference call by TTRE on SafeAudio absoultely now hacking has been done on the beta tests. Gee some idiot claimed to hack the product who does not even know which titles they are protecting. A complete lie…ahahahahha

Hmm… “Most people serve no purpose on there and the internet simply gives people with nothing to say an opportunity to say it to the world…” I second that, at least as far as some ppl are concerned :d