New CD Freaks poll

I just posted the article New CD Freaks poll….

Ok we got the message from the previous poll . Please keep in mind it was only a POLL! We don’t have any plans in that direction!

A nice reaction from boss ZiSE:

The biggest win of putting up…

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well, Like my 16 speed plextor:)

well i like me 12x :stuck_out_tongue: but the poll doesn’t cause it wont show my vote for 10-12 :frowning:

16X with my plextor 16/10/40A :4

My Plextor is a 12x That´s good enough for me… Off course i wouldn´t mind get my hand on the 24x plextor :8

Teac 4x :frowning:

Plextor 8x…I love that piece of machinery! :d

12X with my Plextor

Well I burn with 12x with my Ricoh 7120… Am I the only one using Ricoh?

16x with my Plextor 16/10/40A :4

Just got the new Plextor 24x and it hasnt failed me yet. God, burning full 16x memorex cd’s at 24x flawlessly under 4 minutes is a great thing! I wanna see someone beat that

Philips 2x…:(.and don’t u laugh at me…

I hope at 24x with the new Plextor 24/10/40 that Domi sended to me to review :4:4:4

Plextor SCSI 12/10/32. More than 1.000 copy and still perfect. :slight_smile:

Still using my oldtimer 2x hp :wink:

Still hanging in there with my trusty Teac 8X :7

Big up the 2x crew! Got my re-writer at the beginning of 1999 and still burning strong! What makes me laugh is the demo burning softare thats restricted to 2x maximum, and to use any higher speeds you have to buy the full product. :slight_smile:

Plextor 16x of course. And went in on a Acer 1208a with my neighbor for that no-coaster effect.

I make great coasters with my 8X Plextor, so I perfer to burn at 4X.

Acer 1208 ,plextor 8x4x32 and acer 2x extern :d