New CD Burner technology?

I keep hearing about new technology coming out where you can put several gigs of data, music, or whatever on CDs…

Can you put a ton of music on one CD and it still work in a standard CD player?

Anybody have any links to read up on this?

Read Blu-Ray and HD-DVD…


No, I’m looking for new CD technology, no DVD technology.

Here’s what I’m wanting to do…

I’d like to put as many songs on a CD-R as possible and still be able to play it on a standard CD player…like in my truck.

Don’t they have a way to do this on CD-R…or, do I have to use DVD and buy a special player for my truck?

I think it would be very kool to take 40 or 50 music CDs and put them all on one CD-R…is this possible yet?

Sorry but i think cd is dead… no new technology that i am aware of… Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are the future formats and can also be used for music…

OK…can I use either of these new technologies and play the disc in a standard CD player?

If not, what kind of playa does I need?

I am not aware of any technology that will allow 40-50 cds to be placed onto an ordinary cd.
Besides how would you access your favourite tracks if that was possible?
Look at the manual for your player. Does it allow mp3 files? If so you will be able to squeeze many more tracks onto a cd, but you will have to spend much more time putting the cd together on your computer.
How about an mp3 player in the cab? No discs and depending on the memory you could see the sort of storage you’re talking about.

You mean kinda like a hard drive full of MP3 files?

Seems like the DVD discs could handle .WAV files and be played on a DVD compatible playa…right?

Besides, is it the DVD discs that just contain all the space to make it hold several gigs of data…or is it the Optical DVD Drive that makes this happen?..Maybe a combination of the two?

This is not possible with “standard cd drives/players” like you probably think.
A CD media holds normally up to 80 min Audio (CDDA), oversized media can hold up to 99min.
mp3 on CD is another way, you can store ca. 12 albums on 1 standard CD.

There are also dvd players which can play mp3 files from normal (data) DVD, that’s many many hours of music on 1 DVD!

OK, so I need to get hooked up with a CD playa for my truck that not only plays standard CDs, but can also play DVDs, and MP3s…right?

If so, anybody gotta line on a playa like that?

Visit this list, maybe someone for you in there:


Sounds like I might need to just go with MP3…

Anybody know what the best brand of CD / MP3 playa for autos is???

Kenwood and Pioneer - easily make the best Auto Head Units - including MP3 Playback.

Whadda 'bout Panasonic?

I’ve used several of these for regular CD playas, and even cassette backe before CDs were k00L.

I’ve always had good luck with Panasonic, and I’ve never had one break down. Reckon this brand would cut the musturd?

Good call - Panasonic make some pretty awesome quality stuff too. I have noticed your actually paying mostly for eyecandy - but definately worth it.

Well, I don’t really have any use of an ultra high end system (you know, $50,000 worth of sound equipment in my Truck?)

I can say that I’ve had at least 3 decks by Panasonic that I can remember (since I quit smokin dope, and snorting stuff off of mirrors late at night :iagree: ) and they’ve all perfomed great without giving me any problems.

Consistant performance without breaking is good…