New CD backup software: CD Mate

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There is a new CD-R copy software available called: “CD Mate”.

From CD-R Info:

"…An Chen is proud to introduce their latest CD Backup Software, CD…

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Sounds promising… Now, let’s see some results! :slight_smile:

Yeah right Mate. Must be Australian. Down under. Wonder how many costers I’ll get. :slight_smile:

It’s easy to throw those names around but till I hear some positive feedback I’ll just hang with Nero and CloneCD… mate :wink:

No thanks. The choices are too vast already - I can’t find one program that will do normal EZ Creator functions, use UDF (DirectCD), have overburn capabilities, officially accept a 50mb business card cd size - 185 pocket-cdr size - & a 99 minute cdr size - & have audio crossfade options - & it all be easy - (clone Cd is sufficient unto itself & does not need to be replicated again by the standard cdr software) when this available, let us all know!

It wont even copy SafeDisk 1 what a load of crap, nothing like CloneCD whatsoever :c

Stick with Clony(I know it gives the wrong info now and again), CloneCd, CDRwin, and Nero which have been around for a long time and have established themselves amongst the cd community as the best programs to use, so for now avoid these so called 1:1 copy clones, I speak the truth and you all know it, I take the time too test the software as it comes out, and I will give positive, or negative feedback, non b/s whats the point. :8 End of Transmission, Communication link off-line 5 4 3 2 1 …

safedisk is very easy copy it. if you copy game faile! please tell me you device and game name Let me try fix it! Thanks!