New Cats 3.5 out!

Not much speed emprovement but LOTS of bug fixes!

PD: remmember to uninstall both driver and control panel and reboot before updating! :rolleyes:

excuse the idiot, but what is Cats??

Cats are furry creatures that sleep and meow…

Well i know what cats are. Is this the new average figure of cats per household, if so it would seem pretty high to me. Google yielded no results other than recipes involving cats and 3.5 oz of other things.:confused:

Cats = ATI Catalyst Display Drivers

BTW I never uninstall before I install new drivers, don’t see the point as XP does not mess upp installations like W98.

no problems with them
only a drop in fps in MOHAA Spearhead…still 90 fps average

(didn’t un-install old version either)