New case no holes

Just bought a new case for my 2nd desktop (cheapo JNC SJA 72(a) Midi Tower Case). It came without holes drilled in it so there’s no way to screw the mobo in.
Is this normal? All the cases I’ve bought before came with several different alignments of holes.
Should I complain or should I get out my Black&Decker and spoil a shiny new case?

This a new one on me. I have seen premium, not cheapo, cases where many components snap into place and some components screw in. The lack of holes in the motherboard mounting area probably indicate a factory screw up. Those motherboard screws are pretty small. Do you have taps for those sizes? If they gave you a set of screws with it, shouldn’t they go somewhere? You should certainly complain and return the case for another. That seems to be your best solution; forget about the Black & Decker solution unless you just happen to have a set of the proper small dies and all the mounting hardware available.

well you can always glue the mobo in the case :bigsmile:
isnt there an alternative way to install the mobo in that case? did you check the website of the manufacturer?
find it weird though, think you should go back to the place where you bought it and ask what the deal is with the case having no mounting holes in it.

an black&decker would surely make a nice case mod :slight_smile:
dont think its easy to drill the holes your self, the mobo must be in the exact right location otherwise you AGP/PCI card brackets wont fit in the case. also take notice that the I/O section must fit in the holes of your case.

As sherlock holmes would advise, exhaust all possibilities before giving in to a tirade of abuse.

Looked in the cardboard box it had come in (mail order) by the trash - found tiny bag of metal components that click in to slats in the case to provide screw holes. Wtf? Never seen this before.

This is what they look like:

Thanks for your comments anyway - I was about to try the glue idea.:bigsmile:

I’ve seen them before, many times on the cheap cases people seem to like buying. I’ve put together several in the past 6 months that use the snap-in standoffs. Be careful inside the case, I had 4 stitches put in my knuckle, I took it to the bone on one of the unhemmed edges :slight_smile:

I guess they’re cheaper to provide than the brass standoff screws. Never really had any problem with the snap-in mounts though, just be careful getting em in, easy to overbend them.

You know those expansive Lite-On cases use stand offs like the two on the bottom of your pic. I prefer the brass ones though.

Damn those metal edges - however careful I am, I always cut myself. Especially when you have to remove those blanking plates for PCI slots or drive bays - so goddam sharp. There should be health and safety rules about it. I was looking at an old case of mine that used to hold a pentium and it was much better built, more solid, all smooth steel. Heavier admittedly. Perhaps I should just be willing to pay more for cases.
Is there such thing as a ‘smart’ base unit case, e.g. one that can be recognised as a component of sorts by the OS and which requires drivers? You could take a lot of basic things off the mobo such as LAN, audio, some fans, temperature gauges, etc and have the case be a bit less of a dumb component.
Probably this already exists…?