New case - looking for a certain style

Well, this ll be the first time that I’ve spent money on a decent case.

I see no reason to get another after this - this will be a permanent part of my room, for many years to come, so I want to get it right.

I currently have my eye on

Before I take the plunge, I wonder if anyone is aware of anything similar on the market? I’d hate to stumble upon something similar but nicer after I have it.

Also, if anyone knows what these look like when they’re on, i.e what lights up on the case I would really appreciate it. IIRC the ‘ON’ button glows blue which is very tasty but I may be wrong…

Hi :slight_smile:
Not a bad choice, but personally I’d go with a case without PSU.
Also I thought you were in the UK.
If so take a look [B][U]here[/U][/B]:
You’ll see the 6580.
But take a look at Coolermaster & Thermaltake.

Are you sure you want a large case?
I personally find the SG01 cases by Silverstone very nice.

@ zebadee: Yeah I’m in the UK. eBuyer has it for £60 including the VAT. I already have a great PSU so I’ll sell it on if I get that case. Looking at eBay I should get a nice £30 return at least.

@ Diizzy: I do think I’d want a case that big due to the size of the alcove in my PC desk - IMO it’d look a bit silly if I got a mini tower or a cube. Nice cases though, thanks for the linkage.

I’m a big fan of Lian-Li. Stark solid aluminum and endlessly functional.


what is your budget?
I personally like cases with all around 120mm fans because you get more airflow at higher cfm but lower db noise from the fans.

My friend just got this and he is quite happy with it:

@ groovemeister

Well, my though is that you might not always have your desk or whatever you use and finding a new placement for a “cube” is a lot easier than for a midi/fulltower.


Well my budget is the lowest it costs to get a QUALITY case.

At this rate it’s £30, as the one I have my eye on is £60 andthe SU in it can be sold for £30.

DiizZy - the cube wouldn’t fit in this desk anyway. Very cool, but I like towers.