New cable standard may triple speeds

I just posted the article New cable standard may triple speeds.

As most people, I just love the speed my cable connection provides. Ever thought about three times as much bandwith using the same network? Sounds good? Then please read this fine piece of text,…

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did’t i sent this some time ago already to you ppl? :c

hehe i allready got 10mbit lan access so :4 lucky for you guys though :d

insanne -> "submitted by inssane, using our newssubmitto. " Please read :slight_smile:

I love my 10mbit LAN access.

Are they insane? Current cable modems are already cabable of transmitting AND recieveing data at 36MBPS… there is no way any cable provider is willing to give you anything like that… the problem is not in what the cable modem can handle, its how much the ISP will give you!

cool…now just wait for a cable connection… :frowning:

me too! this sounds great but i’m also still waiting for cable to come to me :slight_smile: Also, with cable modem speeds, its not entirely the ISP’s fault that you don’t get 36MBPS, one must take into account the physical distance that the data has to travel. Long distances go hand in hand with noise and other signal-degrading interference, thereby decreasing the maximum ‘safe’ (error-free) speed at which data can be transmitted!! So even if data was transmitted at that speed, it most likely wouldn’t make much sense when it reached you :slight_smile:

q2_stefan, in this case I think you are wrong about distance. When you are downloading files, distance does not really matter just like “ping” speed does not matter with streaming files. Once the connection is established, the data comes all at one time. You could have a next door neighbor with a T1 and someone across the world with a T3 and you will d/l faster from the T3. It’s all about bandwith, not distance!

most caable companys cap the speed at 512kbps , Id say to provide the speaks their talking about prices would also have to go up, sombody has to pay for the bandwidth :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had my cble modem connection since 1999 and am quite pleased with it. Distance does have a factor in your download speed,the greater the distance from the main hub the slower your download speed. I have hit download speeds as high as 960kb. Distance is a real problem when you are dealing with ADSL and DSL which are restricted to 400-500 kb download speeds in Canada.

I agree. the ISp will never give yout hat bandwith unless you pay a premium price!!!

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oops silly me now i see it sowwy :c