New C1-C2 error checking tool for LiteOn

doesn’t look like it, but if you find one let us know! :eek:

Please send me soft K-Probe.


It’s posted in the thread at CDRLabs

Links i s dead… :confused: :frowning:

[QUOTE]Originally posted by kowanski
Links i s dead… :confused: :frowning: These 2 ( linked by cfitz ) are still alive, though > [

*Edit * The next version is available now, just turn the page .


At this time, CDFreaks is not posting file links to this program.
The thread at CDRLabs is being updated frequently, and links to the program can be found there. There’s really no reason to post it here, and as it’s a copyrighted property of LiteOn, we have no right to do so.
I’m hoping that this will soon be changed, but until it is, all posting of links will be deleted.

So a LiteOn DVD-ROM can do PI sum 8 / PIF measurements! So you can measure the write quality on your DVD±R!

I’ll by a LiteOn DVD-ROM tomorrow ($40) and will have fun…

Here some examples by someone else:

I scanned a couple dual-layer movies discs, and got some odd results, still waiting to hear how to interpret the test, but I assume that less is better in the numbers, same as C1-C2.
Some are reporting the Kprobe returns poor C1 measuring results on the DVD drives.

According to the link i’ve posted, PI should be PI sum 8, and PO could be PIF.

So, PI max shall be < 280 on a burned DVD. It will rarely be below 30.

OK, I’ve started a new thread for this program, with a link.
I will close this thread and refer everyone there. for now, I’ll make it a sticky.