New burning problem

Looking to bust some brains on a burning issue Im having. So Ive had this Yamaha F1 burner for a year now, and Ive never had any problems with it. Couple weeks ago I went to install a game I burned with it, and I got a CRC error and the install failed. Slowly but surely almost every cue/bin I burned thereafter had CRC errors during the install. Mounting and installing the image with alcohol worked just fine, so I figured it wasnt the hard drive/ide controller and probably just the burner. So I sent the burner off to get replaced by Yamaha, and after sending me a new one, Im still getting the same errors… So I replaced the IDE ribbon, still got the errors. I figured it might of been ASPI corruption, so I reinstalled WinXP and the APSI layer, and Im still getting the same thing. So Im pretty stumped at this point. I get the same errors with both Nero and Alcohol. It works fine when I mount the image, so I dont think its the hardware. Ive been burning on different media that I always use like TDK,Verbatim,Fuji, so its not the media. Lowering the speed of the burn doesnt help and Ive verified I get these crc errors on multiple computers. Any ideas or troubleshooting tips/software I could use?

Update: I used CD Check to compare the cd I burned to the mounted image, and there is a content mismatch (code 62), between the two. Great troubleshooting tool, now I just need to find out what the hay is going on :slight_smile: