New Burner



Hallo Everyone
I have decided to buy a new burner, but i don’t know which one i should buy.
my demands to this burner, is that i can handle the most protection with CloneCd. Specially SafeDisk 2.9 and above and the newest SecuROM.
I have a problem with my bacups of SecuROM. The bacups can’t play in some drives. Can this be done with a better burner?
It would be nice if it did’nt cost so mutch, and it could be fun if it was a combo dvd writer.
Does a drive like that eksist?
best regards


What burner should I buy?


There is not a burner out there that can do everything right. Plextor burners are the best at SecuROM, LiteON and ASUS burners are good at SafeDisc.


I reccomend an internal burner. I have an external and it was more trouble to install than it should of been. There are some cheaper internal 56xs that are good try on or somewhere like that.


well i have 4 burners in my personal pc
top to bottom
asus CRW-5232as 1.01
plextor PX-708a 1.06
plextor PREMIUM 1.05
lite-on combo ltc-48161H khoq

and they all seem to do 1 or 2 protections rather well…

if i had to choose 1… i dont think i could… and thats why i have 4 lol