New Burner



Okay peeps what ASUS Burner is a good one without the Blue Ray :doh:


This will be interesting. I haven’t seen any enthusiastic recommendations of [B]any [/B]drives around here for years, at least, not one that wasn’t an LG or Pioneer Blu-ray burner.


I know huh as it’s beens years since there were any recommendations on burners, I am getting a new Asus computer with one burner in it and would like to keep the burners the same


Jimbo, do you want me to move this to the Asus subforum? You might get more responses in the hardware forum, rather than here in the DVDFab forum.


Thanks Kerry. I’ve moved it anyway though as it’s more likely to get a response in the ASUS forum and it doesn’t really sit well in here anyway.

[B]Jimbo [/B]- If you’d prefer it in the main CD, DVD & Blu-ray Writers forum just let us know, but given that you’re interested specifically in ASUS burners it’s probably best in here.



Pick anything as the industry has stalled development since years - the label got irrelevant.


The LG GH24NS95: I have no idea if these are available in the US. I have three of them in two rigs and they work just great. I’ve never had a coaster yet with good quality discs.
They are also cheap, well they are in the UK anyway.


Thanks guys for movong it to the proper place


[QUOTE=Jimbo;2763708]Thanks guys for movong it to the proper place[/QUOTE]

Glad to help Jim.