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I’m probz most likely to get a new LiteOn burner within a few wks, since my 812s@832s seems broken. I posted a thread a few wks ago, but it didn’t seem to get any replies. anywayz i tried a different disc, and i got the same error, somethin alone the line “unspecified burn error”, happens after 100% or during burn. I was wondering wat’s the best liteon to get for the moment in australia. I seen the lightscribe model mentioned here, but not sure if it’s out in australia. man i don’t know why my 812s didn’t last that long, only had it for about 2yrs…

just visited the liteon website, and seems there are alot of models after 1693s…how r these? but i dun think i’ve seem them in aust before

SHM - 165H6S
SHW - 160H6S
SHW - 160P6S
SHM - 165P6S
SHW - 16H5S
SHW - 1635S

I have both the 1635S and 16H5S right now, and the 16H5S does a better job overall compared to the 1635S. However, you are paying more for the LightScribe feature on the 16H5S.

Here is a 165P6S thread, and you may want to take a look at that if you haven’t done so.


Confusing enough? :wink:

Hmm … vdk au’s avatar looks familiar … I know I recognize that backside from somewhere. :slight_smile:

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anywayz, anymore advice ??


possible rite?

but i dun think i’ve even seen the 1635s selling in aus

actually i juz saw one, might consider getting it…1635S for $67.99

but it doesn’t seem much talk about this burner on this site?

OC-Freak did a review here on the 1635S. You can read about it yourself and decide.

The 160’s are drives that failed DVD-RAM certification, so they are defunct versions of the 165’s. They should crossflash, but no guarantee that -RAM will work.

1635S@16H5S has no benefits since 1635S doesn’t have LightScribe-capable hardware. However, the 16H5S firmware should work in a 1635S.

Hello to all.

I am between 1693S and 16H5S. I am not interest in lightscribe feature. Can you tell me which drive performs better in writing quality and in reading scratched media?

I am very confused. Thank you in advance.

I don’t think there is much difference between the 2 drives in both reading and writing performance, I been using my 1693S a lot in the last few months and have managed to read some disks the other burners chocked on and couldn’t read.

Thank you for your reply.

My though is if the old 1693S is better than the new 16H5S, maybe I should prefer this, now that it is still in stock.

for reading? maybe
for broad MID support? :disagree: 5s and 6s from liteon have much broader range of media code support than the 1693s. but on MCC and TY, I think they all perform about the same.

With the 1693S, you can make use of Codeguys’ excellent firmware. :wink: (OK, so I’m biased…I love my 1693 w/ KC4B!).

Just my two pennies’ worth…

Sorry my english are not good enough. I don’t understand what you mean. :o I am using TY media mostly. Also I want the drive to be good at ripping.

I think I 'll choose 1693s. Thanks. :slight_smile: