New burner - what the hell should I get?!

OK, here’s the thing. I’m starting to get kind of fed up with my Lite-On 1693S and I’m planning to replace it with something more reliable. But since I’ve been out of the burner-related business for over a year, things must’ve pretty much changed.

I remember that back in the old days I’ve always wanted to get the LG 4166. But I think that it’s an old drive now.

So, I’m waiting for your recommendations. Any responses welcome.

Thanks in advance

First off, it might help narrow stuff down if you tell us what you require in a burner.

Quality scanning? Good CD burning? Modded firmware? Lightscribe/Labelflash?


Not really. I think I’m going to keep the 1693S for that, since in my opinion it’s good for this purpose.

Not needed either, since my LTR-52327S still rocks as it did five years ago.

Lost the patience for that.

One of these. I don’t really have a preference. Besides, I don’t care about having pretty things on the label side on my DVD/CD.

What I want is a burner that will burn almost every disc without complaining too much. My 1693S rejects almost every one I try to put into it - and I’ve just had enough. I hope you know what I mean.

Easy, get the Pioneer 111 and cross flash to the 111L. I just added a third burner and nothing else I own does such a good job. Add any Liteon just for scanning and you need nothing else.

And to be clear, I have 10 different burners and I have never been a fan of any other Pioneers; I started with the 107.

Benq 1655 or Samsung S182M, both solid burners, fast, lightscribe, and under 35.00 from

I’m going to get either the Samsung or the Pioneer. The BenQ 1655 is sadly hard to get in my area.

Thanks for all the advice.

I’ll cast another vote for the Pio 111… it consistently gives me the nicest-looking quality scans and is my go-to burner for most SL burning and ALL DL burning. No built-in AI unit, Walking Optimum Protection against Coaster technology or counter-balancing Ben Wa balls; just a solid unit with good write strategies for most media I’ve fed it. Not too picky, either. Too bad, no overburning, no (usaeble) quality scanning. Also, it’s a boring looking drive.

Honorable mentions I own:

SHM-165P6S… nice 1ecc scanner, good ripper, good burner, too. Too bad it doesn’t overburn. On a side note, the ball bearings sound weird the first few times you hear the drive spin up, but you get used to it.

SH-S182M… not as consistent as the Pio, but every now and then it pulls some amazing stuff out of its plastic posterior.

DW-1650… decent all-around drive, but I only use it for overburning. Too bad it cannot do just a small overburn, though.

PX-760A… no, I didn’t pay for it. Jack of all trades, king of none.

And yes, my LTR-52327S still rocks. Sounds like a jet engine, but it’s a great CD burner.

What good does the crossflash to the 111L do?


Bitsetting would be my reason for this crossflash.

It also adds RAM writing. I have not specifically tested this, but it seems to use slightly better burn strategies.

But 111D 8.xx f/w from TDB also auto bitsets. The only reasons I can think of for crossflashing to 111L are for DVD-RAM burning and LabelFlash.

In the early days before TDB added bitsetting to the 111D, the 111L was the only choice. Most of us have been very satisfied and so never went back. In my case I also use RAM; Labelflash is a waste of time and media.

Instead of filling up the forum with a new thread I figured I might ask the same question.

My old drive, a Sony DW-D22A, has hit the end of its life. I’ve flashed it to so many different firmwares and all it does out of my video DVD’s is make coasters. Data backups work great, but no movies.

Ripping and making Movies is what I primarily use the drive for. I have a -vast- store bought DVD collection which I am trying to back up and all I am getting is coasters.

I’ve read lots of reviews, and this site wrote a review for the BenQ DW1655 which gave it great remarks. But, I cannot fine one to buy online for the life of me.

So, knowing what I do, DVD rip/burn, what is the concensus for a drive under $100. Lightscribe is a plus, but not in any way required