New burner/software slower than old one



ok I have a really puzzling situation here. in 2001 I bought s Sony vaio PCV-RX550 desktop computer, the cd burner dvd /nero (whatever version was current then, I was using the store bought one, not the an OEM one) it took 6 mins to burn a CD at 16x (the top speed of that burner) fast foreward to two weeks ago, I bought a sony DVD-R dual layer 710 and got new Nero OEM software with it. FIrst thing I burned was a dvd, it took 12 mins. Was okay with that figuring that was quick for a dvd burn. then I went back to burning cd’s, this thing supposedly burns cd’s at 40x. It now takes 12mins to burn a cd too!!! why??? even though it says "burn process started at 40x, it cant be cause it take longer to burn now that it did just a month ago with older software and an older burner, I thought maybe it was some hardware limitation not able to keep up with the new burners speed, so I slowed down the burning to 16x like the old one…still 12mins. why???


You may want to ask (or PM) a mod and see if they’d be kind enough to move your question over to the Liteon forum. Sony 710’s are re-badged Liteon’s. You should get better results over there.



sorry didnt realize that, you’re right.


No problem. Good luck and welcome to the forum.:bigsmile: