New burner, same media won't play in standalone



So a while back I had a old 4x single layer in my laptop and wound up replacing it with a Sony DW-R56A off ebay. I thought I’d try to get some fresh firmware with more media codes on it so I flashed it with LITE-ON SOSW-852S version PST3.

Now the only issue is my old burner I used to use ritek media and it would play in an older standalone toshiba dvd player. I get a disc error with anything off the new one. The dvd rom in my desktop won’t read them either. Kprobe tests of the ritek looked awful so I tried some maxell and it looked better, but not readable in everything. First up is the kprobe result of 8x maxell media burned at 4x. I figured maybe the media just didn’t mesh as well with the new burner. Here’s the kprobe of it

I ordered a 100 pack of taiyo yuden 8x +r thinking that would help test that idea out. So I burned another dvd at 4x only to get the same non-usable results on the player and my dvdrom. Kprobe of that attached. Any ideas on how I can improve the compatibility of the discs this burner is making? The old one was slow, but more functional in this sense. Just from looking at the blank media test forum it looks like I’m getting way way more errors than I should on this media. Both kprobe results had the nero speed app open with read speed set to 4x too.


1/ The latest firmware for this drive series is PFS3.

2/ You said that you had KProbe set to read at 4x, but your attached graph says “Max” for the scan speed… :confused:

3/ I don’t really know how slimtype scans compare with normal scans. Slimtype drives read different than normal drives, and as a result, the same disc would very likely produce two different errors scans if scanned on that drive and if scanned on a normal drive… and the fact that it looks like it was scanned at CAV instead of CLV doesn’t help much. In any case, while it looks like the PI errors are a bit high, the all-important PIF errors look pretty much fine (with whatever high errors looking more like artifacts of the scan speed). Does your standalone player support playback of DVD+R discs?

4/ Things to try:

  • Try PFS3; PST3 is about 9 months old.
  • Laptop drives are more prone to dust. Maybe lens cleaning might help (but be careful to do it right or else you might end up causing more problems; I’m not really sure how it should be done on a laptop drive).
  • You might also want to try a reset of learned media. See the EEPROM Utility for that. Be sure to back up your EEPROM before doing so using the EEPROM Utility in case you want to undo this.
  • You said you got the drive off ebay? Could it be possible that it was being sold because it was a defective unit and the seller wanted to part with it?


I have kprobe 2.4.3 and I don’t seem to have the option in software to set it to 4x so I was using nero drivespeed to set read speed to 4x. Does that display as max since the speed is set outside of kprobe?

Anyway to change things up a little. I installed pfs3 and did another burn at 4x. Still doesn’t play in the toshiba or read in my desktop. The stand alone player should play the +r’s ok. It played all the old +r discs I threw at it out of the old burner, but none from this one, even media off the same spindle that worked with the old drive.

I just did the learned media reset so testing will continue. I don’t think it was defective, I bought it from a guy who were selling a ton of new packaged dell parts, although it could certainly be a lemon.

The first attachment is TY media burned with the old FW. The second is with the new FW. Perhaps the problem isn’t error rate afterall.


Hmm. Except for the 2x region, the second burn looks pretty nice–certainly than the first one. But maybe that 2x region (that big bunch of PI errors at the start) is causing problems. The part of the disc that was burned at 4x looks fine, though. I wonder if the 2x region is so bad compared to the 4x region is the result of you using media that’s optimized for high-speed 8x burning. shrug

Sorry, I don’t really have anything useful to say, as I’m really not familiar with laptop drives.


Can’t hurt to try an 8x burn with this combo and see how it does. I’m still most surprised that my old desktop dvd-rom couldn’t read it.


Thought I’d post one last test in case anyone else has any ideas. The 8x was a good idea, but a couple tests (8x burn and read) like this show me thats probably not the answer either heh.

I would also accept suggestions for slim line drives that don’t completely blow. :bigsmile: