New burner recommendation please

hi I am new here, and in the market for a new burner.

I currently have an lg gsa 4167, and a lite on 165 I think. ( any good? )

they both seem equally slow at reading, and both refuse to read one disc, they haven’t been used much, but I tried a new one…

…the samsung 203, but it still didn’t want to read the disc, so I sent it back.

So I am getting a bit fed up and wondering what to do, are they all very fussy?

So, a few questions:

1/ What’s the best for reading poor discs please?

2/ Why are plextor so dear?

3/ Is there any CLEAR market leader that does it all better than any other?
( probably the one I sent back :o )

the bottom line is, I just want something that works, works fast, and works well, is that too much to ask? getting really fed up with them

thanks please reply…

Can the disk be read in other drives, either standalone or in other systems? It could just be a bad disk. The Pioneer 111D is rated above average reading DVD video in reviews and is best overall in reviews for burn quality IMO if you decide on replacement. The 111D may be hard to find now, but the newer 112D should give comparable results.

There are good and bad with all brands/models of drive. No one drive is good at everything sorry. That’s way a lot of us have more than one or two drives to have the best of all worlds. Good media like Verbatim and Tayio Yuden is always good to have on hand.