New Burner Problems



I just picked up a I/O Magic IDVD20dlse external burner that is supposed to have lightscribe in it. When I check the model of drive in it, Nero calls it a “dh20a4p” which according to my research does not have lightscribe. I cannot get nero to use it as a lightscribe drive. Am I missing something? I think its gonna be back to staples for this drive.


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Going by what Nero says it is, it doesn’t have LightScribe (and there’s no way to make it so either, as it doesn’t have the required hardware).

So, if you’re after a LS drive, I’d return it to Staples. :wink:


I thought so. The Box says LIghtscribe, but the model drive is not capable. What a misleading box, if it was not meant to be a LS drive. Oh well, back to staples.
By the way, great forum, this will become a regualr haunt for me.