New burner Problems



Hey, thanks to signals he welcomed me to this forum! Pretty new 3 .5 weeks into DVDFab and have had great success with it, now I been burning on a Dell laptop working great, but bought an DVD burner for the desktop, Pioneer 112D instal and DVDfab took to it, but my reading is real slow 1.00mb/sec ect I rest the DMA and did not help, The laptop running 4.+ ect faster as the disk gets closer to being done, I was having some problems with the laptop some 3 weeks ago and cannot find or remember the forum or the fix with this same problem, any hints, now check with you later work just called be back in a few hours, thanks


This Pioneer 112D is it internal if so is it on 80 wire or 40 :confused:


Hey bud and welcome again just for luck.:slight_smile: Is yours the one where Dell had disabled DMA in the bios? I still can’t believe that. It sure sounds like the DMA is not on in the desktop. You can check it from the link at the bottom of any post by my good friend Maineman: here is one of his posts. Just use the “How to check DMA” link and let us know what you find on the desktop.