New burner problems, tried everything ive found

hey everyone, im new here.
i come here for help often and can usually find what i need.
i bought an HP dvd630i dvd writer today, installed it, and ran into problems.
first off, it originally read as a dvd writer in My Computer
it would not be recognized by nero, but would be by record now, which came packaged with the burner.
when i tried to burn a dvd however, it would not work, and when i went back to my computer, it read as a “cd drive”.
i tried going into the registry and deleting upperfilters and lowerfilters, deleting and reinstalling the burner, and restarting, which did not work.
i removed the blank media from the drive, and in my computer, it read “dvd-r drive”.
i removed my dvd writer drive and my dvd rom drive, changed the jumper on the writer to master and did not install the rom drive, and had no change.
i added in the rom drive as slave and had no change. i switched the rom to master and the writer to slave and had no change.
im really confused on this one, and couldnt seem to find anything on these forums that worked, and would really appreciate any help you all can offer.

so where are you @ now ? you have a DVD burner that does not function and that Windows [ XP ? ] says is a CD burner ?
seems that HP DVD is also a lite-on/sony

Wed Sep 29, 2004 4:56 pm HP DVD Writer dvd630i/e
HP DVD Writer dvd630i/e - No Firmware Updates Available
Use LtnRPC to reset or disable the Region Counter. Click Disable and your drive will be region free!
OEM Liteon SOHW-1633S

not that this helps much. but maybe someone else can use that info to assist. hmm, dunno mate. i can only suggest >>>

  1. go through the 10 points listed @ [ you may not be a newbie, but the trouble is, and might be related to one or more of the listed items ]. note: very important to keep the transfer mode on IDE channels in DMA mode. check them every now and then as the transfer mode can change without you being notified. see this MS article

  2. a) know your drive’s capabilities. use nero info tool to discover them. also go to the drive maker’s website and find out what media types and brands, and at what speed to those media types, the drive supports. [ eg., my pioneers 107d & 108a can burn to dvd-rw @ 4x without trouble, but my optorite 401 can only burn @ 2x to dvd-rw even though Nero and other burning programs will allow the drive to burn @ 4x and will produce a “successfull” disc @ 4x…but the result is a coaster ] b) update the firmware of the drive. check for updates @

  3. a) try another brand of CD/DvD disc. b) try burning at lower speed. eg., don’t burn at 24x to 16x media; burn according to MEDIA speed limits, don’t try to burn at the cd/dvd drive’s max speed until you are certain that you can do so without negative consequences.

  4. a) disable and/or uninstall any virtual drives. b) install an aspi layer. preferred is v460. get it @

  5. a) update the burning program you are using to the latest release. b) uninstall any recently installed software. c) do a virus scan, and a scan with spybot s & d [ get it @ ]

  6. for XP or Win2K users, optimise your operating system Services for best system performance. for info go to and

  7. before burning, open taskmanager and shutdown ALL unneeded processes that are running. DON’T commence a virus scan or a defrag before or during a burn - sadly, i have seen it happen !

  8. a) try another burning software and see if you get a better result. deepburner standard is free. get it @ b) for users of alcohol 120%, update to the latest drives support DLL [ look for topic “Alcohol 120% Device Support Patch Released” @ ] c) if you have multiple burning softwares installed, uninstall them all, then install one. test it. install another if needed. test it, and so on…

  9. make sure mainboard chipset drivers are up to date. make sure all cables and jumpers connected to drives are correctly configured with regard to master/slave setup.

  10. enter your BIOS and disable anything you don’t use. set memory speeds to default. set cpu speed to default. if you overclock, DON’T [ until you are certain that overclocking is not the cause of the trouble ].

  11. if you still cannot fix the problem, try the drive or the CD/DvD disc you are having problems with in another PC that has no burning issues [ if possible ]

  12. Disable autorun…unless you really need it for some purpose. for XP users go to start/run/type REGEDIT.EXE then click OK
    press Ctrl+F, type NoDriveTypeAutoRun in the box/find next
    doubleclick the highlighted key and replace the HEX value with b5
    repeat for each NoDriveTypeAutoRun key found. reboot.

Welcome to the forums xcomplicationx,

It’s very common for Windows XP to see your drive differently, depending on what you do with the drive (e.g. if you use it to read a CD, it will be detected as a CD-ROM drive, if you use it to burn a DVD, it will be detected as a DVD-R drive) so this is nothing to worry about. Which Nero version are you using to burn with? It could simply be that the version you’re using is too old to recognize your drive. If you can, upgrade to Nero v6.6 and try again. Also, please clarify what you mean with “when i tried to burn a dvd however, it would not work”. Did you get any error messages (and if so, what were they?).

i havent yet tried any of what ghosters has left me, but when i say it would not work, i mean nero only listed image recorder, and record now listed no recorder. im going to be trying getting a new nero first, but then ill be trying all the tips ghosters left me. thanks for the help everyone

What exactly are you getting for errors? I had a similar problem in which the dvd drive suddenly changed to a cd drive in windows explorer whenever I inserted a blank dvd-r or a dvd+r. The error stated I needed to insert a blank dvd…which was what I had done.
Turns out, I had a bad media run in the middle of two separate spindles…and there were several bad discs in a row. I just happened to hit them at the same time. Try different discs one after another until one burns.