New burner, now I can't burn isos and games?



I just upgraded my cdrw to a dvd_+rw io mega 4x, and now I can’t burn dreamcast games or ISOS, can someone tell me what a possible solution is?


what program do you use, what firmware and what kind of iso’s?


Ey guyz, I confused, i hope someone can help me:

I’ve find out that my xbox only reads discs at 1x writed speed… so i tried at princo’s dvd-r 1x-4x but it wont burn at 1x! (this is when is burn iso’s!!!)

BTW: If i copy a xbox game (that i got from others) it will work at 2x and sometimes at 4x

I don’t get the sh*t of this…
PLeaze can someone help me (i have a thomson dirve and xbox ver. 1.4)


Try Dvddecrypter in ISO read/write.


i have DVDdecypter and when i go 2 ISO read its only about 13MB… and ive tried writing it but my xbox doesnt recognise the disk…

wats the problem… any suggestions?


If you are trying to make back up of xbox games you will have to network your xbox to pc and ftp it over and then from there use a program similar to craxtion to patch and/or create the iso and then burn with nero or decryptor