New burner not seen by some software



hi all,

long time lurker - first time poster. here’s an odd one (at least to me). just installed a new dvd burner (rosewill rd-162). first thing i did was successfully burn an iso with dvd decrypter. but now i’m seeing that some software can see the drive but some can’t:

can see drive:

  • dvd decrypter
  • itunes
  • wmp10
  • nero infotool (which is puzzling because…

can’t see drive:

  • dvd shrink 3.2 (nor 3.17 fwiw)
  • nero 5.5 (latest update from web today)

updated the drive with the latest firmware from the web today with no change.

any ideas?





i uninstalled nero 5.5 and installed the nero 6 oem that came with the drive and now everyone is happy again - nero and dvdshrink can now see the new drive.

now do i need to upgrade the oem to the full??? who has the hot deal? or is that another forum…

be well,



OEM Nero works for me, updates OK, but I use Copy to DVD most of the time.


news of note -

after posting here, i emailed rosewill from their website feedback form about the problem. less than 24 hours later, i have a repsonse from them that is a good one and not a form letter! not bad support for a $37.xx burner!