New burner / no audio

Yeah I’m a noob, so please bear with me. I got my nec 3520 today, installed no problem. I have a dell 8200 with 2 bays. I took out my cd burner and put the nec in its place. I set the jumper the same as my cd burner. Not master, not slave, cs? Now when I play a dvd there’s no sound. If I put an audio cd in the drive it works fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Jeff

Sounds like an audio codec missing. d/l Avicodec or the newest version of Gspot and open one of the vob’s. Either program will tell what type of audio it is and if the necessary codec/s are installed. You probably need an AC-3 audio codec. you can d/l it in the download section at or in the tools section at