New Burner? Help!

I am interested in copying both protected audio and game cd’s. What burner should I get? I have a plextor 12/10/32A is it as good for burning protected audio as the new 40 drive? If I got the LiteOn and kept the plextor would I have the best of both worlds? Or do I need a new plextor for that? Any advice would be appreciated.

Liteon or asus.
asus is reported to have a much much better reading ability than the liteons.

The Search function will normally answer most of these questions that get asked 2 = 3 times a day.

happy buying

If your goal is to backup protected audio disks the consensus goes to the Plextor 40X, but the Lite-ON 40 or 48X beats it by a slight margin for everything else and costs almost half as much as the Plexy…

I used to own a 1210A and I have had excellent results with the Lite-ON 40125S with normal audio even on crappy media as long as I did not push it too far. I was even able to backup Shakira Laudry Service, which would not play on the computer. I don’t know, however, what protection that disk actually had (I haven’t seen the original since - my daughter likes to swap with friends)

Now I don’t know how the old 1210 fares reading protected audio, don’t have it anymore.