New burner for succeeding 1640 and 3520

Looking for a new burner to be the primary burner/reader/scanner to replace my benq 1640 and somewhat unused nec 3520.
Should have quality scaning/bitsetting/riplock firmware/overburn and quality burning aspects.

Was considering a 1650/1655, and perhaps a member of Lite-On for it’s good reading capabilities.
Only Lite-On’s in my area is the 165H6S and the 1635S.
The 160P6S seems good from reading forums, but I don’t really see much difference between the 165H6S. Crossflashing capability??

Anything that is an exceptional fit for the aspects I listed??

If you want DVD+R overburning (as in burning more than 4482MB, not to be confused with overspeeding which is burning faster than the media’s reated speed), then your only choices are BenQ 1650/1655 and Plextor PX-755/760.

Between the LiteOn 165H6S and 1635S I would buy the 165H6S because it’s the latest generation LiteOn. The only theoretical crossflashing I know of between recent LiteOn drives is 160P6S to 165P6S, but it’s not a good idea because the only difference is DVD-RAM capability in the 165P6S, but the 160P6S is or can be a 165P6S that failed DVD-RAM during factory testing!

A LiteOn 165H6S is the same as a 165P6S, except that the 165H6S also supports LightScribe.

If you need all your requirements fullfilled, I suggest you buy a BenQ 1650/1655 (the 1655 has LightScribe support). If you don’t need DVD+R overburning, then the LiteOn models are also good.

The only thing that I find disappointing with my LiteOn drive is the CD-R writing quality; there are other better drives for this purpose, such as NEC 3550/3551/4550/4551 or BenQ 1650/1655.

A review of 165P6SI have read over at CDRinfo suggest that the LiteOn 6S series may be even worse at CD-R burning than the 1635S.

I’ve got a Philips 1660 (a badged Benq 1650) & a Liteon 1635S.

Of the 2 I much prefer the Liteon, especially with the firmware we are currently testing here. It burns faster & with better quality than the Philips(Benq). This might have something to do with it using Philips firmware rather than Benq’s but until I cross falsh back to Benq I can’t be sure.

I’ve also got a NEC 4570 , not to be recommended yet.

The Pioneer 111(D) gets good reviews here.

Based on these requirements:

you have created a very short list. I agree with DrageMester. I own a 165H6S and a Benq 1650. Neither are perfect, but both possess excellent versatility. I would give a slight nod to the Benq (1655 if Lightscribe is needed). Either are good choices when diverse requirements are needed - especially in single burner solution situations. Good luck.