New burner for slow machine & burning speed



My old Pioneer DVR-106D is constantly getting power calibration errors and can’t even read its own discs anymore.

So I need a new one, BUT I do have a very old computer and don’t have any plans to replace it (new system is gonna be a notebook).

Thus I need to make sure the quality is good at low burning speeds. I probably won’t go any further than 8x to avoid interrupts in the constant data flow towards the burner.

My criteria are quite simple:

  • Burn quality needs to be good especially at lower burning speeds (4-8x DVD, 16-24x CD)
  • Needs to be a reliable burner with especially Philips and Platinum CD/DVD+R media
  • Bitsetting
  • LightScribe
  • Not too expensive (Plextor is not an option)

Current media I use:

  • Platinum (CMC Magnetics) 4.7GB 16x DVD+R; Media code: CMC MAG M01
  • Platinum 52x 700MB CD-R
  • Samsung PLEOMAX 52x 700MB CD-R; ProDisc 97m32s19f

What drive do you recommend? Currently I have the LH-18A1H in mind.


LH-18A1H would be a very good choice :smiley:


You should specify what a “very old computer” means. Myself i’m using a 1 GHz Celeron with 384 MB RAM and a Samsung SH-S182D drive without problems. 12x burning with this configuration is a little overkill, but most media burn well at 8x.

I think that LiteOn would be a safe bet…


I’ve recently got a Samsung SH-182M which seems to be doing quite well so far.


Samsung SH-182D doesn’t have bitsetting, so I guess SH-182M doesn’t either?

Sorry, I thought I had the system specs in my sig, but turns out I haven’t got that on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

AMD Athlon 1,2GHz
512MB Ram PC133
Asus A7V133
HighPoint Rocket133 (HPT302) PCI ATA133 Controller with 160GB WDC WD1600JB + 80GB Maxtor D080H4
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT
Creative SB Audigy 1394
Pioneer 106D DVD-writer
Plextor 12/10/32A CD-RW
Iiyama ProLite E481S


Your system is not so bad at all, i think you can safely pick any P-ATA DVD burner without being limited by your system specs.

The SH-S182D DOES support bitsetting (except in Nero CD-DVD Speed, dunno why), so the S182M should also support it. But i think getting a LiteOn is a better choice…


You can probably get 12x burns, 8x for certain, with any burner. The Pioneer 111D is a good choice, Liteon 165P6S/160P6S, LG H42N, Samsung 182D, etc.


He wants Lightscribe, so the Pio is out.


The CDRInfo review of the Samsung 182D (and thus 182M, I think) wasn’t that good, furthermore I read it was quite loud. The Pioneer isn’t able to make scans? Lite-On 165P6S/160P6S isn’t available over here anymore. With LG, I don’t understand a thing of the numbers/letters (there’s even a GSA-H42LRBB and a GSA-H12NRBBB, how much B’s do you want?), so it’s quite difficult to make a choice out of all of those drives (got to have a white one, which also narrows down the choice).

I see a lot about the LH-18A1H, but especially about the LH-18A1P. What’s the difference? LightScribe only?


The Samsung 182M does bitset OK. It’s not that loud, quieter than my Pio 111 for example , can scan reasonably well, supports Lightscribe and burns my quality media just as well as my other burners.

I believe the Liteons can be a bit flaky on the quality side. I recently bought a LH20 that I had to return after a weeks light use as I started to get total burn failure & lock up.


Could you please explain that? I have a light preference for the Lite-On, and especially when looking at the CDRInfo quality results for CD-R media with the Samsung 182D, I don’t think it’s that good of an option for me, since I regularly burn CD-R’s…


I believe TimC is referring to reported physical quality and dependability that has been reported as lacking.


Philips and Platinum mean mostly RITEK, CMC, some MBI, INFOME and DAXON. Actually most current drives give good results with those.

If you don’t mind a non-scanning drive, you can turn to LG’s H22L or its successors. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly right. Perhaps I should have been clearer about that.

Burn quality of these drives is very good but the odd batch of burners seem to have some build quality issues.


Ehm, what can I expect then? Or what should I especially watch out for?


Modest kick: I ordered it, but if I find it too risky, I can still cancel the order tomorrow (or today, as in March 6th).


The drive vibrates/resonates heavily. Known problem?


I’m assuming you’re talking about a new Liteon? Yes, it’s a common issue with the newer Liteons, there’s a couple of threads in the Liteon forum regarding it. Not an amusing attribute of these drives. :Z