New Burner experiences

I got my new Optiarc AD-5290S today and will be testing it out and posting some scans. Smartburn is enabled, however the Smartburn app, like with the Liteon Premium drive (Which was jinxed for some reason), will not load no matter what version I try. It is enable in an old app called 'EEPROM Utility Vs. 62.0SE. I also have Force Hypertuning and Overspeed Writing enabled, as of now after a few burned discs. We’ll see how the next disc measures. Here are the first scans.![Optiarc_DVD_RW_AD-5290S_1.PN_09-August-
This is Plexdisc media made by Daxon burned at 16x.
This is Optical Quantum media made by Taiyo Yuden burned at 16x.
I may try burning at a higher speed, 32x with a future disc.


You can try the advanced drive functions in ImgBurn to manipulate these as well, it will tell you interactively whether the setting change was successful.

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I will try that, thanks!

Here are some more scans.

I can always expect a ‘spiky’ scan from plain vanilla Verbatim made by CMC.

Regarding the Precision brand of media. I never heard of this brand. It’s
made by Prodisc, 2002 vintage. I think Maxell at some point had Prodisc
make their media. Sadly, Maxell wants to have Moser Baer make their
media, shockingly bad media brand.