New Burner, dvd backup questions

hi everyone first off i hope im posting in the right forum…

i recently purchased a new dvd burner…SONY DRU-700A which supports double layer cds…and succesfully backed-up a dvd-5 dvd movie thanks to a guide found on this forum.

But ive noticed most my movies are too big to fit on a normal dvd-r and DL discs are too expensive at the moment.

Ive searched the forums and have found many guides which are all differant and i dont know where to start. What im trying to do is Backup my dvd movies onto a dvd-r but keeping the dvd menus, scene selections, audio setup etc. and also the 5.1 surround sound. and also main movie ofcourse.

any help will be much apreciated thank you


Best to try them out yourself and see how you get on.
The method I use is here - although I generally use DVD Decrypter to rip and then process the files with DVD Shrink from the HDD as mentioned in the guide.

dvdshrink, which allformats posted a link to, is a fine solution, but for top quality you’ll want to use a reencoder and not a transcoder. has compiled a pretty exhaustative list of ways to backup DVD9 to DVD5. check out guides>minidvd/dvd>dvd backups