New Burner decrypting at 1.6x slow

I just installed a new dvd burner. it is the exact model as my last one. this is running very slow. i am using dvd decryptor. the last burner would start at aroung 4x speed and gradually advance to 8x and then gradually go down at same rate it increased. This new burner is running at 1.5-1.6x max. then when it writes it claims to write at 16x but is taking much much longer than the old one. both units are I/O magic. My dmas are on. Also when the burner is reading or writing my computer speed on any other program is almost dead including the screen saver slows down to a crawl…any one have ideas…thanks :frowning:

For some reason I had dvd decryptor do the same thing, but for ripping dvd’s. I thought maybe it was because the dvd were dirty, but it seemed like something else.

Are you sure DMA is on, or did you just see things set to “DMA if available”? Higher CPU usage is usually a sign that you are in PIO mode.

What model is the I/O Magic burner? Perhaps it is riplocked and can be crossflashed to a drive that doesn’t have the riplock.